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Western Americana Prints Database

The database of prints in the Yale Collection of Western Americana contains information for over 1000 prints, most of which are not presently represented by catalog records in ORBIS. Information in the records includes shelf location, the names of original artists, engravers, lithographers, and publishers associated with the print, titles, place and date of publication, form of print (e.g. lithographs, engravings, etc.), dimensions, brief subject descriptions and citations to standard reference bibliographic tools were useful. The information has, for the most part, been taken directly from the prints themselves and is not, as yet, subject to authority control to reconcile variant forms of personal and corporate names.

The following fields may be searched using keyword and phrase searching: Creator (including names of original artists as well as the artisans who may have transformed a painting or watercolor to a print), title, publisher, place and date of publication, form, description, and reference.

Comments, corrections, and suggestions for improvements may be sent to: George Miles, george.miles@yale.edu, Curator, Yale Collection of Western Americana.


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