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Western Americana Stereocards Database

The Western Americana Stereocards database contains records for over 2,000 photographs ( ORBIS provides access to the stereo series but not individual cards.) Information in the records includes photographer, publisher, place of publication, series title, caption titles for individual cards, dimensions of the cards, a general description of their physical appearance, and shelf location. The information in the records has, for the most part, been taken directly from the cards so names of photographers and publishers will appear in various forms.

The following fields may be searched using keyword and phrase searching: Series Title , Caption Title , Photographer , Description, Publisher , Place of Publication ,. Personal and corporate names are often, but not always inverted (i.e. JACKSON, WILLIAM H.) so it is wise to use the boolean operator AND rather than relying upon phrase searching. Although individual caption titles have been entered in the database, records have been created at the series level so it may be necessary to scan through the title list for each series to identify the particular item that satisfies a search request.

An asterisk (*) truncates search terms (i.e. searching for Natur* as a title keyword will retrieve records with both Natural and Nature in the title statement .)

Comments, corrections, and suggestions for improvements may be sent to: George Miles, Curator, Yale Collection of Western Americana.