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American Drawings  

The American Drawings database contains information on more than 2200 original sketches, drawings and watercolors by Americans or about America. The information in the records was compiled by the staff of the Yale University Art Gallery's "American Drawings and Watercolors Project" in the mid-1980s. The database has not been added to since that time, but it represents the most complete survey of such material at Beinecke ever undertaken and includes information not found in ORBIS or the Database of Archival Collections and Manuscripts . Patrons should consult with the library's curators and public services staff for assistance in finding material acquired since 1986.

Information in the records includes Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG) accession number; Beinecke call number; artists' names, dates and places of birth; titles of the works as well as information about books in which the work has been reproduced; dates of creation; media; supports; dimensions; watermarks; subjects of the works; and provenance of the works.

The following fields are searchable using keywords or phrases: Artist's Name , Title of Work , Publications , Subjects , Date of Creation , Watermark , and Provenance .

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